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Julien C. H. Andersen

A life in faith, love, compassion

and in God

Analysis of the books and prophecies:


None of the books or messages have been examined by theologians or other professionals.  
  Julien himself has attempted to analyze the books and prophecies, but he has never received any catechetical, philosophical or theological education. Therefore, it is also almost incomprehensible that he writes (channels) on theological and philosophical topics that he has not studied or has a prior knowledge of.
The books and prophecies are unusual documents from God. It is God who reveals His love and words of wisdom, using Julien as the instrument.   
  God Himself says: “You get the miracles, the warnings and the prophecies to believe in Me, the One God and My Son Jesus Christ.
    They are My business card. Go forward with love, devotion and faith, for you are all children of one. "
   In the few words above, just as in the books, God tells us that He exists and that His message is still charity and peace to man.

If you examine the messages in the books and in the channels from God to Julien, you will find that they are in harmony with the Bible, the Holy Scriptures and God's commandments. Not only that, they also give a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures and what it is all about.


In addition to the message Unity that goes through the books, Julien believes that the books and prophecies can be divided into 4 parts:
1. God again dictates, inspires and reveals His love and wisdom on topics such as:
- Love and sorrow *
- Prayer *
- Faith *
- Children*
- The family*
- God*

* From the book The Prophet's Diary.
2. In the books, God reveals the real role of democracy and the legacy of Socrates. God tells about:  
- Charity is the locomotive that drives democracy forward. *
- Each country has a wagon attached to the locomotive. Some countries still need to be connected to the train. *
- The difference between a true and a false politician. *

* From the book Divine Prophecies.  
3. One kind of prophecy from God must be understood by heart. Is that you can only understand them if you yourself have a deeper love and read the text with the heart.   
  For example, there are prophecies about:  
- “Bolivia! Poor you are. Rich are you… ”*
- "The Netherlands! You are small, but you eat with the big ones. Your role is to serve… ”*
- "(England) Great are you, great would you be, small should you be .." *
- United States. “In My eyes are in small. It's all about money. Love for money. Love to be great. When you are big, you are small… ”*

* From the book Divine Prophecies.
4. The last kind of prophecy from God is purely physical predictions and warnings. Some of them have already been fulfilled as:
- November 5, 2016. Donald Trump becomes President. *
- May 14, 2019. Mette Frederiksen becomes prime minister instead of Lars Løkke. *
- August 15, 2019. Brexit, Therese May, Boris Johnson and the future. *
- September 9, 2019. Greenland is in danger. *
 * From Facebook and block on
Since 2011, God has tried and is still trying, through Julien, to remind us that the Holy Scriptures and charity are still valid and that God's laws exist.  
  The communication between God and Julien has not subsided and continues to this day. But in recent years, Julien has noticed that Jesus Christ is taking God's place more and more in the visions he sees.


"The miracles, the warnings, and the prophecies are given to you to believe in Me, the One God and My Son Jesus Christ.   
  They are My business card. Go forward with love, devotion and faith, for you are all children of one. "

A channeling by Julien C. H. Andersen

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