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Holy books or texts:
Helping to understand sacred books, quotes and channeling can be the text below: "Why is love a staircase?" I asked.
  “Listen now! It can be hard to listen.
  Now, listen! It can be hard to hear.
  Understand now! It can be difficult to understand.
  And then listen, hear, and then understand: These are the things or competences that every human being must acquire, even when going the spiritual path.  
   Let Me give you an example: Many priests, monks, nuns, imams, rabbis and other holy people listen or read sacred texts, but they do not hear what they are listening to.   
  And how can they understand something they can't hear? It is impossible. Everywhere in the Western world and also in the Eastern, people are educated in the sacred texts so that they can communicate them to others. But because some are wise in writing, it does not mean that they understand or practice what they are reading or listening to.     And then understand! A mother knows her child's needs. She knows why she cries; she knows when it's hungry and when it needs to get more clothes on or off. And just because she understands these needs, she has learned to listen to the child, she has learned to hear the child. Similarly, it is with the sacred texts: Everyone must learn to listen and hear what is the deeper meaning of the words.   Let Me give you another example: A father has learned from his father that there are some things a boy child should be able to do. Therefore, a father practices with his son what he wants the son to learn. The father can only do this if he listens to the son and hears what the son is!
  Notice I say: What the son is.   
  And why do I say so?
  The answer is simple. It's actually very simple. Every mother and father must relate to the stage or age at which the child is at or else they cannot help the child's development on their way. When they recognize their actions or reap the fruits of their efforts, they will gain new strength at the child's first step in continuing their upbringing. But it requires them to listen, hear and understand what is going on in the child in order to help them on their way up the stairs.
  Is it understandable?"  
 "Yes," I answered.   
  “Back to the sacred texts. They are a help to walk up the stairs of love. In order to get up the stairs, you must be able to listen, hear and understand what is in the text. It is the language of love that stands in the sacred texts. If you read them with the intellect, you will not be able to hear what is said, and if you cannot hear what is written, then you should be able to understand the texts. It is impossible.   
  If you want to understand the lyrics, you must develop love. You must practice what is in the texts. Only as you practice will the sacred mysteries be revealed to you.   
  And then back to your question: Why is love a staircase?  
  Like mothers and fathers, I help My children up the stairs, I help you up the stairs of love. Each step is a step towards the selfless love of the heart. The ego and selfish love are in the basement where there is darkness. If you want the light of spiritual clarity, you must move up the stairs and away from the darkness.   
  And then understand! Each step represents a virtue. Understanding that as you walk up the stairs, you have taken or uprooted the ego of the ego, such as: hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, shame and guilt and many other ego tendencies. To get one of the virtues of the heart, you have to give up one of the egos of the ego or else you cannot move up the stairs.  
   No one moves up the entire stairs in one day. It's something you do step by step. And you must and must necessarily study yourself, the sacred books and your love ability, in order to move up the stairs. As you move up the stairs, you will also gain insight into all the sacred mysteries and love.   
  No one can come to Me with luggage filled with thoughts, selfish feelings and desires. Cleanse yourself, make yourself loving and selfless, and I will show you the steps on the stairs and clear the way for you.   
  And whoever has walked a short distance up the stairs will know Me. But he who reads books only and does not practice what he reads will not know Me.   
  At each step is the grain of the heart. In the basement are the thistles, and you cannot live them. You may sow the grain of the heart, just as you have sown the thistles. Everyone is on the stairs he or she deserves. Seed with love and you will reap love. Love is the only thing that can bring you up the stairs.    
  Was that answer enough? "
  Hmm ... Yes please," I answered and asked. "Is it to be understood that the sacred texts represent the steps?"  
   "Yes and no. Your question is complicated. This book or text is sacred, but it does not answer all questions. It helps to climb some of the steps. If you are high up the stairs, I will put some other texts in front of you. Everyone gets from Me what they need to move forward. I show and clear the way for all who move toward Me. This text is also proof of that. It is a help to the many. If they use the texts and understand them and develop up the stairs, My next step will be that I begin to clear the way for them. But if you only read the text without practicing, it is useless and the road will be closed.   
  Do good, do love to others and yourself in thought, words and action. It's the way up the stairs and to Me. "
A channeling by Julien C. H. Andersen


"I help you up the stairs of love. Each step is a step toward the selfless love of the heart."
A channeling by Julien C. H. Andersen

"Everyone gets from Me what they need to move forward. I show and clear the way for all who move toward Me."
A channeling by Julien C. H. Andersen


"You must practice what is in the texts. Only as you practice will the holy mysteries be revealed to you."
A channeling by Julien C. H. Andersen

"Everybody is on the steps he or she deserves. So with love and you will reap love."
A channeling by Julien C. H. Andersen

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