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The path of love - The love staircase

A key to spiritual development:

About our true selves, I AM, sacred texts, prophecies and democracy.


“We live in prosperity. Unfortunately, many people live in extreme poverty, which is caused by a lack of love for themselves and for others. The reason is that they need to investigate their own true nature.


Man identifies with the mind. It is their reality, the false ego. But our true I is being.

  Dear child has many names and the being is also called I AM or the soul, which is free from the game of the ego, suffering, sorrow, anxiety, neuroses and drama.

  You think that you choose what you like or love, that it is love, and you attach yourself to it. In fact, you choose everything that ends up giving you pain and suffering. Our true I do not create our mental pain. We do it ourselves, our mind creates the problems with its thoughts flowing over cash with worries about past and future, as well as the ability to desire, to want to own or to want to assert.

  But you are not the mind, just as you are not the emotion. You are the one who thinks the thoughts and feels the emotions. You are the being behind the thoughts and the emotions. You are I AM - the soul, eternal being. Unfortunately, we identify with the mind, with the worries and desires and that is our big mistake. In fact, we are much bigger than the limited ego mind.


Your true self - being is opposite to the ego love of the mind, which is selfish. Ego love always arises from something outside of yourself through your senses. It is dualistic, ie. it oscillates between good and evil, which is experienced in the thoughts and emotions that live in the mind. When you love, you will also experience jealousy, envy and sadness. Once you have experienced joy, you will also experience pain.

  Ego love in the individual human being and between people fluctuates between love and hate. It turns into its opposite, because the ego lives by desire, by feeding its desires. All that you in the ego love is attachment and it ends up giving you suffering and pain for both the love, the joy, the peace is superficial and short-lived.

  In fact, it is an illusion.

  For inside you, deep inside you unaffected by the illusions, there is true love, true joy and true peace in your true self - in the being who lives in the NOW. Being consists of true and enduring love that does not make you suffer ( I AM.) True love does not suffer.

  In your true self - being there is true love, true joy and true inner deep peace. Being is unaffected by external circumstances, it is unaffected by the mind - the ups and downs of the ego and the senses.


No one can with the mental or the mind experience the true I - being or I AM. It cannot be grasped or understood. It can only be experienced in the Now when you are quiet in the mind. Everyone has the opportunity, being is accessible to every human being. It is possible to experience being - our true I, and remain in being, wisdom and bliss. It is our eternal self-formless reality: I AM is boundless love, boundless wisdom, boundless bliss and an infinitely deep peace. The precious treasure lies within all human beings, and is just the opposite of the false self, the ego - the mind.


From 2000 to 2008, I myself lived in being, in holiness, in an uninterrupted and infinitely deep peace, love and bliss. I lingered or lived deep inside myself, completely withdrawn from the fictions of the mind. External circumstances unfortunately, in the years that followed, diminished the deep intensity of the inner great true love, peace, and bliss.

  Today I still have a great inner contact; deep peace, great love, joy and is a happy person with beautiful experiences. The inner peace and tranquility have never left me, as well as the contact with the spiritual world.


Precisely for this reason I can say that your true self; Being, wisdom and bliss lie within you. Life is a road with ditches on both sides full of mud. The path of love is a choice and the path to the true self is the staircase of love.

  Personally, I know I cannot tell you something that you do not already know or that you yourself do not have access to if you look inside.

   No one reaches the goal from one day to the next. You must take the steps one by one in order to reach the being - your true Self. You must go up the stairs of love that lie within you. You have to go inside yourself to get rid of the false attachment with the mind.


My sources are not external sources; but internal sources and the channeling which I have received and which I still receive. It makes me speak or write from personal experience. The same is true of religions. I was born a Christian. Yet I find that all religions, whether Judaism, Hinduism, Islam or Buddhism, are based on the same spiritual doctrine of the physical and sensual life and the path to the true self.

  Unfortunately, many of the religions have been misinterpreted, or have been added, adapted to the times up through the various centuries. But the doctrine is in essence that there is only one spiritual doctrine, but the path to the goal is many. Because you are not the mind - the ego. You are "I AM" - eternal being, wisdom and bliss. You are love itself.


In books channeled by me from the spiritual world, in various posts both on Facebook and on my website, as well as with my own few posts, it is told how we can get in touch with our true I - and what the true I consists of.

  The channeling also deals with many different topics such as relationships, children, family, friendship and God. A large part of the channeling is prophecies about countries, politicians, parliamentary elections or elections in, for example, the USA.

  Democracy is a major issue in the channeling. According to them, it is not yet fully developed. Democracy began in the family. But the Train was started by Socrates a long time ago. Each country is only one carriage on the train. It can be disconnected from or to the train. The locomotive is charity. Every single country has a carriage if they exercise democracy tense after the locomotive. The inhabitants are the passengers in the carriage of that country. Politicians are the servants, the ones who service the passengers.

  Today, profit democracy and survival democracy are practiced. There is still a long way to go before the train of democracy will win on earth. One day it will do so, for the locomotive is charity.

   The prophecies also deal with the earth, the climate and the pollution. Since 2017, each year has been channeled predictions that apply to that year.”


With love.


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