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Ring - Call

Julien C. H. Andersen
A life in faith, love, compassion

and in God

Ring - Call

Info and contact


Prices from DKK 98.00 - DKK 150.00 - DKK 450.00 and DKK 850.00

-Telephone clairvoyance:
-15 min - DKK 225.00
-30 min - DKK 450.00
-60 min - DKK 850.00

-Individual clairvoyance - sitting in Frederiksværk:
-60 min - DKK 850.00

-Pair clairvoyance - sitting in Frederiksværk:
-60 min - DKK 1200.00

- Letter clairvoyance DKK 1000.00 and only against prepayment.

Appointment Monday to Friday at 8:30 - 16:30
by phone (0045) 23 28 30 20.
NOTE: Spiritual clairvoyance takes place over the phone or as a clairvoyance sitting in Frederiksværk.

Pay with Mobile Pay: 23 28 30 20.

-A sitting is 1-to-1, where you show up in person.
Only by appointment, there may be more than one person for the clairvoyance - sitting.
Contact me if you want a companion.
The price for a sitting with two participants is DKK 1,200.00. With three participants, a sitting costs DKK 2,000.

The disabled person must be accompanied by a companion.

-Purchase of books: Send an email ordering book/books with name and address and transfer the money  + postage via Mobile Pay.
Price per book is DKK 98.00.
Postage and envelope with post Nord is: 1 book DKK 60.00, and for 2 books DKK 60.00.
The books will be sent by post as soon as possible.

Pay with Mobile Pay: 23 28 30 20.

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Messages from God:
Julien has the last approx. 10 years received messages from God.
  "Why He just chose me, I don't know? Even I never imagined that God would use me. In the beginning it was in sight and in dreams. It often happened when God wanted something to understand. . 











"Miracle" comes from the Latin word "mirari", to wonder. Today, miracles and warnings still occur. I sometimes receive warnings as I am asked to pass on to people who have sought me out for a clairvoyance or for a Spiritual evening where miracles subsequently occur.













The difference between clairvoyants and their messages:

"Many are channeling from the spiritual world. There are many clairvoyants and the media and they all claim to be good channels for the spiritual world and that their message is the true message. Yet there is a difference between clairvoyants and their messages…"



Succes! Beskeden er ankommet.

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Julien C. H. Andersen

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